5 of our past couples share their Favourite Piece of Marriage Advice

October 21, 2020

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

As always, we hope you are all keeping healthy and in good spirits. As the weather begins to cool down, we are certainly looking forward to Sweater Weather, and all of our favourite cozy comforts that come with it!

We had this blog planned for quite some time before COVID-19 hit, but then decided what better time than the present to share this particular blog with you. 

We have asked some of our past couples to share with us some marriage advice they have learned thus far. They are truly a breath of fresh air and are so insightful- we can’t wait for you to peruse them all!

With everything currently going on in the world, why not cuddle up to your partner, in your warmest blanket, with some hot cocoa and read through our curated list of Marriage Advice from our Past Couples? Take some time to reflect on each message and how it may resonate with you for a great evening of conversation & connection.

“Keep things light and fun between you two! This is going to be your best friend that is by your side for the rest of your life. Find joy in every moment you spend with one another, learn from each other, and make sure you are consistently bringing out the best in one another. You will also continue to learn about yourself (and your partner — even after being together for 10 years prior to marriage I can attest to this!). Grow together in your love, and remember — pick your battles. Some things are not worth starting silly arguments for! Also…compromise as much as possible. Always be willing to hear one another, and know when it’s your turn to let this one slide.”

Sarah & Chris, Married in 2019

Photography: Purple Tree Photography

“Keep it real with one another, because he is your person and you are his. Reaching goals through teamwork is a lot easier when you have a solid foundation. 

Don’t compare your marriage to someone else’s – everyone perceives and portrays love & happiness differently.

Daniya & Ziyad, Married in 2018

Photography: Purple Tree Photography

“Remember that feeling- those butterflies in your stomach when you saw each other after being days apart? Or when a romantic gesture was done? Or when a special date night was planned? Keep those butterflies alive. Dress up and have a romantic date night. Do something fun. Involve yourself in the other person’s interests or hobbies. Always make time for each other. Time is the ‘currency of relationships’, so always invest time into your marriage!”

Jacqueline & Robert, Married in 2018

Photography: The Eastcore

“This is one of the most exciting times!! Enjoy the cloud 9 feeling pre & post wedding. Watch your wedding video every month together and keep toasting to your beautiful love.”

Natalie & Roberto, Married in 2018

Photography: Mendes Photography

“As a young couple in a world full of opinions & traditional obligations it is important to remember that the person you’re choosing to spend your life with is the most important. The world is always going to find a way to throw obstacles at your relationship, but only you both can conquer it, as long as you remain a united team. 

Love is not just a feeling, it is the actions as well.”

Rebecca & Joe, Married in 2019

Let us know your thoughts by screenshotting your favourite pieces of advice and tagging us on socials. Do you agree with these pieces of marital advice? Are there any that particularly resonated with you? Do you have any to add? We want to hear from you!


The DPE Team