Swinging in the Clouds, Behind the Design

May 19, 2021

Happy Wednesday!

We’ve been busy working on a variety of projects to be unveiled soon, but we are so excited to share our most recent collaboration – Swinging In The Clouds! When our friends at Mint Room Studios reached out to ask us to design a space in their gorgeous Ballroom, we were thrilled to turn it into a Spring Dream.

The ethereal scene features a watercolour purple cloud backdrop, larger-than-life custom-built purple-hued tree, a whimsical white swing, white plinths, a gorgeous coconut milk toned velvet couch, book props for styling, various interchangeable furniture pieces, and florals to the max. 

Spring brings a new hope, freshness, and life; something we are all looking forward to ourselves. Diana wanted the space to reflect a hopeful and dreamy space filled with creativity, playfulness and light to inspire all who visit. She chose a bright and vibrant colour palette of lilac, mauve, lavender & amethyst to pull together this whimsical purple dream.

Diana often looks to nature for inspiration – this time she was inspired by looking to the sky. The various colours and tones of the sky, and unique shapes of the clouds was what truly inspired “Swinging In The Clouds”. The whimsical cloud backdrop was the first element brought into designing the space, which inspired the full installation. 

First & foremost, the classic white, wainscotted walls have been completely transformed – Diana actually had the team at Mint Room remove the original ornate pieces affixed to the wainscotting in order to apply the vinyl backdrop. Without doing this important step, the vinyl application would not have been possible and the room would not have come together as it has. The walls feature a custom vinyl print between the wainscotting featuring a dreamy purple watercolour cloud scene. The original wooden floors have also been covered in an elegant and airy light lilac vinyl to bring the whole area together.

The whimsical tree features two-toned florals in a variety of blooms, including asparagus, wisteria, and garden roses, just to name a few. Diana’s vision was to create a whimsical tree that felt like it was floating in the clouds. It really brings the whole vision to life! 

The furniture and props featured, such as the white velvet couch, lounge chairs and coffee table, dainty gold clothing rack, books and white plinths can be reconfigured to your desired set up to allow for a multitude of custom arrangements to suit your unique vision and needs for the space. Display your latest product line on the sleek plinths, or remove it all to let your latest Spring/Summer 2021 collection take centre stage – the choice is yours!

The shining star of this photoshoot is of course the white swing! This playful and dreamy addition is a unique one to Mint Room Studios and quickly became a fan favourite! It is a completely safe and functional feature we encourage you to use in your own creative shoots. It creates beautiful movement and versatility we hope you take advantage of while you’re visiting our purple lilac oasis. Ready to move on from filming with the swing? It tucks away safely and out of the way on the wall when you’re done!

We really want you to get your head “stuck in the clouds” daydreaming in our magical oasis! 


The DPE Team

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Creative Director: Diana Pires | Photography Credit: August Media | Venue: Mintroom Studios – Ballroom