March 1, 2021

Hello Everyone!

Congratulations on your Engagement!

If your partner just recently popped the question, you are probably still feeling a whirlwind of emotions, and don’t even know where to start with your planning – here’s where we come in!

Photography by: Amsis Photography

9 things you can start on right now in the early stages of your Engagement:

1. Post Your First Ring Selfie/ Online Announcement

This is the fun part! Find the best light, get your nails done, take a gorgeous photo and post it to your favourite social media pages to announce this exciting milestone to your loved ones. Don’t forget to let your family know first!

2.Insure Your Engagement Ring

Your Engagement Ring is one of the most valuable pieces of jewelry you will own in your lifetime and it’s important to protect it. You’ll need to get an appraisal first, and then have a chat with an insurance agent about the coverage your ring will require in case of loss or damage. 

3. Start Discussing Potential Wedding Dates

Perhaps you have a special date that means something to you both – your first date, anniversary date, or something else – or maybe the month or season matters most. Chat with your partner about potential Wedding dates you both love in order to narrow down your focus to a few key dates.

4. Discuss Your Wedding Budget

It is important that you and your love are on the same page when it comes to your wedding budget. It should be something you are both comfortable with spending so make sure you chat about this extensively. Make sure you chat about who is paying for what in terms of family help. You don’t need a firm number either – as long as you have a range in mind you’re good to go.

5. Find your Dream Wedding Planner!

Your wedding planner should be your most trusted advisor and confident in all things wedding. You should meet with a few planners to get an idea of what kind of service you are looking to invest in and what kind of personality you mesh with the best. You’ll want to select the person who is knowledgeable on all areas of planning and coordination. Choose the person you get along with and have a good feeling about – trust your gut!

6.Pick Your Bridal Party Members

Your bridal party should be comprised of your favourite people who are so excited to celebrate your wedding with you! You and your partner don’t need to have equal numbers for your bridal party – what matters is quality, not quantity. 

7. Plan an Engagement Party To Celebrate

Your family & friends will be thrilled to celebrate with you every step of the way, and your Engagement Party is step one! Plan a fun gathering that encompasses you and your partner’s personalities and celebrate taking the plunge surrounded by those you love most. 

8. Get Inspired! 

Pick your wedding colours, textures and more to really start getting excited about the design process of your wedding. Create an inspiration board for your wedding design by gathering inspirational images online. You can find inspiration in Pinterest, your favourite wedding blogs and media (such as WedLuxe Magazine, Style me Pretty, and Wedding Bells, among so many others), and on social media accounts by following the hashtags #wedding, #bridetobe #weddinginspiration, and so much more! 

9. Draft Your Guest List

Selecting your guest list can take some time, but if you start early, you won’t need to stress. You’ll need to know approximately how many guests you are planning to host in order to start searching for venues, so the sooner you start this step, the sooner you can start thinking about your dream location!

Happy Planning & Remember to Have Fun!

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The DPE Team